Make your own brand!

Make your own money!

You will have your own food supplement and cosmetics brand.

We develop and produce the products for you.

We invest – You earn!



40 Million dollar

Full turnkey


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OVER 5000


Create online store
Fulfill orders

Your brand

Your benefits

  • Long term stable income
  • Building your own brand
  • Strengthening your fan’s attachment to you

We present such great business opportunities that you couldn’t even dream of.

You will become a brand! One you can earn money and profit out of.

And the best part is you do not need to make a huge investment!

It is 0 cost for you because we will manage all costs that will come along the way.

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The difference between promoting your own brand VS promoting a third party brand

Your own brand

Third party brand

Partnering with us
Working for
a third party brand
What do you promote?
You are promoting your brand.
You promote your product.
You promote their brand.
You promote their product.
Are you the brand owner?
Yes! You are the owner!
No! You are promoting others and building value for their brand!
Are the products tailored for you?
Yes! The products are designed, packaged and tailored specifically for you, your audience and followers.
No! Generic product, one size fits all, not personalised for you or your audience!
Are the products exclusive to you?
Yes! Exclusive and Unique to you.
No! They can be bought everywhere resulting in no income for you!
Your fans can order without a coupon code?
Yes! All the orders belong to you, a coupon code is not required.
No! You can get money only if they buy from your link or use your coupon codes!
Do you receive income from all sales?
Yes! Your products are unique and can only be purchased from you.
No! They can be purchased from any website and from any influencer.
Do you receive all income after your fans click on your link?
Yes! All the orders belong to you, cookies do not expire.
No! When your fans do not buy immediately after clicking on your link, you get 0 as the cookies expire.
Do you receive income from repeat sales?
Yes! Repeat purchases can only be made from you!
No! Your followers can purchase again from other websites and retail.
Do you receive income from referral & word of mouth sales?
Yes! Referral products can only be purchased from you!
No! Referees can buy it from many other places.
Do you receive income from microinfluencer promoted sales?
Yes! You can give coupon codes to microinfluencers to promote your product and generate income.
No! All income will go to 3rd parties.
Do the products strengthen the attachment to you?
Yes! Every time your followers see your product they will think of you!
No! Your followers will not associate the product with you.
Product development?
Yes! Regularly new supplementary products will be developed and introduced for you, increasing loyalty and income for you.
No! Only your central, generic product is available.
Long term mutually beneficial partnership?
Yes! In a true partnership, our goals, interests and objectives are aligned completely.
No! The generic product comes first.

Harness our expertise

With a multi-lingual, multi-disciplined team we are experts in all aspects of our business.

From development to production, from fulfillment to customer care, from creating your webshop to operating it, full financing and compliance we handle everything for you. It’s a total solution.

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